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Why should I clean and preserve my wedding gown?

At Four Seasons, your gown will be delicately handled and carefully inspected prior to cleaning. All stain pre-treatment is done by hand. Once cleaned, your dress is gently hand-folded with layers of protective tissue and then sealed into our "Golden Keepsake" Wedding Gown box.

The wedding gown is a representation of one of the most wonderful days of your life. It is often a costly part of your wedding day and a very personal statement about yourself. You have dreamed about this day since your were a little girl and the gown you choose represents who you are on this wonderful day. You many also choose to pass it on to a daughter or granddaughter someday.

To prepare your gown for preservation, it should be cleaned by a professional first. The International Fabricare Institute advises within the first 3 weeks after the wedding is the most opportune time to remove stains such as champagne, lipstick, hemline dirt and perspiration. The longer you wait the less likely they will be able to be removed. Don't think that if you cannot see it, it isn't there. The sugars from your celebratory drinks like soda and alcohol will caramelize and leave ugly brown stains. Dirt will weaken and break down fibers in your gown. Food stains will attract insects and perspiration can oxidize and cause yellowing.

A proper cleaning, acid free packaging and precautions on where you store your gown can help limit deterioration and maintain a long future for your gown.

We utilize a Museum-Like Wedding Gown Process to ensure years of protection. Your gown will have:
  • Individual Inspection for stains and pre-treatment.
  • Hand Cleaning, and Restoration where needed.
  • Acid-free Protection
  • Preservation using an Industry proven "Gold Keepsake" enclosure for years of safe storage.
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