Terms & Conditions

  1. I agree to allow Four Seasons Dry Cleaners to charge the above referenced credit card every month for all current charges. It is my responsibility to notify Four Seasons of any and all address, telephone and credit card changes. Failure to update contact or credit card information could lead to disruption of service.

  2. I understand and agree that a permanent barcode label will be affixed to my clothing for processing. Barcodes are extremely small measuring approximately 1/4 inch by 1/2 inch. We try to place the barcode obscurely on your garments. Depending on garment fabric we cannot guarantee the placement of the barcode will be noticeably out of sight. Barcodes could or may be applied to a garment label or care label instructions as needed. Some residual glue may be present in and around barcode area as well as a small impression on the fabric.

  3. I understand that tailoring/alterations, leather, suede, household items, downs, specialty / formal garments and more involved stain removal require more time. These items will be returned at a later date. (Usually 1-2 weeks) With regards to bed pillow cleaning, your outer fabric or (ticking) is replaced with a quality industry fabric when done. Original fabric cannot be used or returned.

  4. Four Seasons takes the all precautions in the servicing your clothing, however we cannot be responsible for: Non colorfast dye fading or bleeding. Buttons, Zippers/slides, sequins, beads, glitter, leather/suede trims and ornamentations during processing. Guarantee of stain removal and or color loss.

  5. In Store Customers: Customers are responsible to check their clothing prior to leaving for any discrepancies. We do not store clothing after 30 days. Any clothing left longer than 30 days may be donated. Seasonal clothing storage does not apply to this 30 day notice.
    Delivery customers: We are not responsible for any discrepancies not reported within 24 hours from delivery.

  6. Limits of liability: Claims for any damaged clothing not to exceed 10x the cost of original cleaning charge. We reserve the right to apply a credit towards an account for a damage claim. According to the Fair Claims Textile Guide, wear and depreciation of clothing will be used as a determining factor for final compensation.
Four Seasons Dry Cleaners reserves the right to update or modify our Terms and Conditions of service at any time as needed without notice.

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